Fight Fit Militia - Speed Striking

Float like a buttterfly, Sting like a Bee, The hands can't hit what the eyes cant see" - Muhammed Ali

About Our Speed Striking Training

What to Expect in Speed Striking:

Speed Striking is a combination of boxing and MMA striking. This class is primarily focused on speed & technique, using a variety of drills.. This class is an hour long, starting of with a 10 minute warm up, followed by striking drills with a partner, coach or on the various bags and pads we have at our facility. These drills not only give you a great workout but also instill technique and correct forms into your muscle memory.

What will you need:

Boxing gloves, straps and comfortable training kit

For our first time client, we do have house gloves which you are welcome to use whilst on your 7 day free trial.

Your Fitness Level:

You DO NOT need to have a minimum fitness level or any experience to begin with our classes. You DO NOT have to be athletic, fit, have a prior boxing background. Your Size, Strength, Age or Gender DO NOT Matter! Anyone Can Do It!

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