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About Our MMA Dynamics Training

Training based on the dynamic sport of MMA. This class covers MMA specific technique, drill and transitioning from stand up to ground

What to Expect in MMA:

Our class begins with a 15 minute dynamic warm up, followed by a demonstrations of the days technique which the class practices as drills. Everyone is partnered up and each person has a opportunity to practice. The class is split up on the mats into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections with different coaches for each stage. Each member is able to move through the level that they are comfortable with.

All our beginners are partnered with other beginners and our drills cover the basics – simple punching, kicks and footwork drills.

What will you need:

Boxing gloves, straps, shin pads and comfortable training kit.

For our first time client, we do have house gloves which you are welcome to use whilst on your 7 day free trial.

Your Fitness Level:

You DO NOT need to have a minimum fitness level or any experience to begin with our classes. You DO NOT have to be athletic, fit, have a prior boxing background. Your Size, Strength, Age or Gender DO NOT Matter! Anyone Can Do It!

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