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About Our Ladies Muay Thai & Fitness Training

Ladies Muay Thai only class taken by our resident fighter and coach Shana Power.


What to Expect at Ladies Muay Thai:

A class designed & taken by Shana Power which offers a perfectly balanced hour workout.

–  30 Minute fitness workout

–  30 Minutes Ladies Muay Thai Technique, Bag Work & Drills

The Fitness portion of this workout has been specifically designed by Shana to burn calories & tone using high intensity, short & effective routines.


What will you need:

Boxing gloves, straps, shin pads and comfortable training kit.

For our first time client, we do have house gloves which you are welcome to use whilst on your 7 day free trial.


Your Fitness Level:

You DO NOT need to have a minimum fitness level or any experience to begin with our classes. You DO NOT have to be athletic, fit, have a prior boxing background. Your Size, Strength, Age or Gender DO NOT Matter! Anyone Can Do It!

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