About Matthew Wilkinson

Born: 4 September 1994 Education:

Studying human movement sciences at wits.


Crossfit level 1 trainer.
Completed the Crossfit strongman course.

Teaches: 1. Strength and Conditioning 2.H.I.I.T (High intensity interval training) 3. Personal Trainer.


I, Matthew Wilkinson, started functional training in 2013 and I immediately knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life. The guidance I received from Rich and Chef and the rest of the team had a huge influence on me, they made me want to learn and better myself so that I may help others. Having been a part of the FFM has taught me more than any degree or any seminar ever could, I have gained world class coaching tips from the very best and priceless experience. I love coaching people and watching their development as athletes and individuals.

I love watching the excitement of an everyday individual achieving their goals inside and outside of the gym. Helping others to succeed is what drives me as a coach.

I am currently focusing on powerlifting training for myself. The ultimate goal is for myself and my amazing coaches and training partners, Rich and Chef, to get our SA colors in powerlifting.

With regards to the future, FFM is my future. I hope that in the near future athletes from all over the world will travel to FFM to receive the world class coaching that is offered, because at the end of the day we are the best gym in Africa and in my opinion the best gym in the world. I have been to many gyms, but FFM is not just a gym, it’s a family.

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