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Fight Fit Militia is the champion mixed martial arts and the premier conditioning facility in South Africa. We offer a dynamic and proven solution for all your fitness needs. Our comprehensive gym offers a variety of courses, from the most dynamic MMA training classes to child programs such as bully boxing. All of our classes are taught in a community based environment. We value true skill and sportsmanship as opposed to raw brutality. Our members all know to expect physical and mental training combined with skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life.


The Fight Fit Militia HQ puts great emphasis on the ‘Art’ of Mixed Martial Arts. The evolution of becoming a martial artist is a completely life changing process. Recognising this art form as a life changing experience is what forces students to train the body as well as focus the mind. This is not just a physical journey, but a mental and psychological one too. Our coaches and training partners will make sure that they instil this disposition to all of their students.


Our team stands for making sure that every person in our gym, male or female, hobbyist or professional, is given the opportunity to develop the conditioning of a true warrior. As a result-driven community, made up of experienced coaches, we make sure to deliver the highest quality coaching and training possible. Whether a student comes through our doors to get fit through our training classes or wants to pursue a professional career through our boxing training classes, we will make sure that the student becomes a part of our community and is given the most superior training.


We are confident and are proven in our methods of training and always look forward to passing our knowledge and passion onto our peers. We at Fight Fit Militia have encompassed all elements of fitness into our facility. All of our programs provide a detailed training method in each specific art and discipline. With us you have the chance to develop your stand up skills through our extensive Muay Thai classes and MMA ground dynamics programs. All of the programs that Fight Fit Militia offers are tried, tested and proven by our professional fighters.


For the best boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts classes in South Africa, look no further than the dedicated community at Fight Fit Militia. The principles of Fight Fit Militia have been based on the trail blazers and game changers in the fitness community. Therefore we take inspiration from Rosstraining, Gymjones and Conditioning and give these programs a raw and fierce militia twist. Our training classes are designed to be flexible and scalable. Therefore any individual, regardless of fitness level or age, has the ability to conquer the training course with some hard work and unwavering passion. We will make sure to vary the load of intensity and will always place our students in the appropriate class to suit their fitness levels.

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