At Fight Fit Militia, we train with a genuine fitness objective as opposed to the pretentious aspiration of gaining only the ‘appearance’ of fitness. Fight Fit Militia combines an expertly designed arrangement of training techniques to make sure that our clients achieve superior fitness results. These methods have been designed by combining the old ideas of fitness, with a new-found creativity and our own take on conditioning. We offer a variety of expert classes, from MMA training to ever popular and demanding MPC classes.

We train with the goal of improving speed-power-endurance and enhancing relative strength. We train in areas such as Muay Thai, boxing and MMA because these training techniques are immeasurably adaptable, malleable and proven to deliver optimum results.


The militia headquarters is not your run-of-the-mill gym and we do not believe in creating a cosy training environment. Our gym comes with no fancy machines, no comfortable resting spots and you will certainly not be surrounded by mirrors here. If you want to rest, take a seat on some concrete or on one of our grappling mats. This is not an easy and quick route to fitness.

With Fight Fit Militia you certainly cannot avoid exertion and hard work. With us, individuals will be pushed harder, for longer and experience true support and strength through others.

We form the foundation for a community of dedicated and supportive men and women. Our mutual encouragement is absolutely critical to our community and we thrive on helping each other achieve new goals and reach new heights in fitness. Easy is not good enough, if you are looking for unyielding intensity and infinite development, Fight Fit Militia is the exact place for you. With us, every day brings a new challenge and evolution to your fitness routine as well as your life.

With Fight Fit Militia, you dictate your level of involvement in the gym and we practice absolutely no hierarchy… we are all about natural selection. Our gym does not give you specialised attention, we give you what you NEED. We will give you the conviction and help you find the willpower to come back and improve your lifestyle every day.


Once you have committed yourself to the hard work, the art and the lifestyle, you will be given the tools to achieve your greatest fitness level and the highest degree of athletic ability. We are old school in our beliefs and will always emphasize functional, fundamental and legitimate technique when it comes to our training. With us you will constantly learn about your bodys ever changing fitness ideals and you will learn to combine various workout techniques. You will be taught to merge weightlifting, cardio and strength exercises and you will witness dramatic results through this process.

At Fight Fit Militia we make sure to create an atmosphere and environment of camaraderie to anyone who is willing to put in the effort, hard-work and passion. If you are dedicated to achieving the highest level of fitness, we are the champion facility for you!

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